WEConnect International and Moody’s Boot Camp Propelling Economic Prosperity for Women Entrepreneurs

Did you know that a staggering 80% of women-owned businesses with credit needs find themselves unserved or underserved? The heartbeat of economic growth is powered by women entrepreneurs, yet they wrestle with formidable obstacles in accessing resources to amplify their businesses. The alarming credit gap for women-led SMEs stands at a jaw-dropping $1.5 trillion! Championing the cause of financial inclusion, Moody’s has joined hands with WEConnect International, recognizing the imperative of uniting small-business owners and financial institutions for continued growth. Together, they are bringing change through the “Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camp.” This transformative program is rewriting the narrative for women entrepreneurs, unlocking a world of financial skills, global networks, and new markets to catalyze long-term financial sustainability and economic growth.

A Proven Transformational Journey: The “Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camp”

Since its inception in 2019, the Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camp has been a catalyst, igniting the passions of countless women business leaders across the globe. Anchored by seven meticulously tailored training modules, this power-packed program delivers very encouraging results. The comprehensive curriculum focused on vital areas of business growth: Credit worthiness, financial management, readiness to grow, sources of financing, capital planning, pitching your business and enterprise validation.

  • Capacity Development: Empowering leaders with knowledge, skills, and capabilities.
  • Networks: Unleashing B2B networking know-how, connecting WOBs and SMEs for unlimited business opportunities.
  • Financial Stability Over Time: Access to new financing and revenue streams for sustained growth.

“Women business owners must gain access to credit, markets and capital to grow their enterprises,” said Sabrina Goicoechea, SVP-Procurement and Sourcing Operations and Analytics, Moody’s and WEConnect International Board member. “Our joint program is empowering participants with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to capitalize on opportunities for themselves and for their communities.”

And the impact is writing a new chapter in women entrepreneurship

The numbers don’t lie – WEConnect International’s impact report reveals an account of celebratory success:

  • 74% of respondents reported an impressive increase in revenue.
  • The average revenue grew to an awe-inspiring 40%.
  • 26% of the revenue increase was directly attributed to the Boot Camp’s powerhouse effect.

Positive growth

The success story of this Boot Camp resulted in:

  • 69% of participants secured new funding.
  • 72% expanded their business networks, connecting with global game-changers.
  • 97% unleashed newfound knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

Data revelation: Numbers tell a riveting tale of the direct impact of connections, financing, and revenue surge:

  • 85% witnessed impactful growth with new financing.
  • 50% enjoyed success even without new financing.
  • 79% made new connections.
  • 64% achieved improvement without any new connections.

Volunteers and Vendors experience empowerment too

Moody’s volunteers and WEConnect International vendors joined forces and became empowered too. The Boot Camp’s impact left them invigorated, enlightened, and eager to make a lasting difference:

  • Over 80% of volunteers would enthusiastically volunteer again for this transformative cause.
  • 100% of vendors experienced exponential growth, collaboration, and powerful insights.

“This is more than just a Boot Camp; it’s a paradigm shift,” said Dan Holdredge, Director of Global Training, WEConnect International. “Our commitment to empowering women-owned businesses and rewriting their destinies is unwavering. Together with Moody’s, we are forging a future where women entrepreneurs lead the charge in driving economic prosperity.”

Join the movement!

Are you ready to ignite your business’s potential? The Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camp is the key to unleashing financial prowess, expanding global networks, and rewriting the growth story. To learn more about this trailblazing Boot Camp and join the movement that is rewriting the future of women entrepreneurs, visit Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camp | weconnectinternational.org.

Quotes from this year’s participants (includes name and business)

“A program that benefits entrepreneurs who are on the road to build their businesses to next level.” Reynuhadevi Ramachandran, Hybrid Career Consulting PLT, Malaysia

“The topics seen are very useful for a company like ours, in a growth stage, all the concepts fit perfectly with the different challenges we live day to day. Reviewing and learning concepts is very valuable to be able to close better negotiations with potential shareholder partners, investors, and lenders. Thank you very much.”  Brenda Barrantes, Etiketarte, Costa Rica

“Moody’s Program is a great one which gives businesses insights about how important it is for them to understand their credit worthiness, different sources of funding for their business. The sessions were interactive with case studies, hence made the learning interesting.”  Mini Sivasankaran, SureEvents, India

“I am most happy to have received a training manual for the bootcamp. Shipped directly to my home. This was very helpful in class and even after the bootcamp, I have been able to apply the knowledge gained to my business. I now have a very clear, focused, and impactful pitch deck. My financials are easier to manage as I now better understand financial statements, working capital and financial ratios. The group activities during the bootcamp were the most exciting. Very intensive and engaging. Overall, I feel more focused, and the road looks smoother.”  Yemisi Otasanya, Tetratinu Limited, Nigeria

“My goal for 2022 was to look for investors that would partner with our company, but I didn’t really know how to go about it.  Moody’s program came at the right time, the course is well structured so it’s easy to implement the techniques.”  Bukola Ajani, Mac Index Integrated Services, Nigeria

“The whole program was a life changing! Well organized, well structured, disciplined and time conscious. My business has received a boost. Thank you so much.”  Bukola Adedeji, Unchanging Grace Hub, Nigeria