Join us in Supporting Women-Owned Sustainable Businesses this April!


In celebration of Earth Day this month, we are recognizing certified women entrepreneurs who operate their businesses sustainably. While each of these women-owned businesses is unique, they have in common an unwavering commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. Their work is as inspirational as it is effective. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing their achievements and in helping more women business owners further their sustainable practices. 

Corporations play a significant role in our global economy, but their actions can have both positive and negative consequences for the environment.  While it is true that some corporate practices have led to resource depletion, ecosystem disruption, and pollution, it is essential to recognize that companies can actively work to mitigate these effects.  By implementing strategies such as waste reduction, sustainable sourcing, and improved fuel efficiency, corporations can contribute positively to environmental conservation without compromising their financial success.

For the last fifteen years, WEConnect International has supported women entrepreneurs as they established businesses that address environmental issues directly or incorporated methods that would help improve their company’s sustainability. One woman focused on building a recycling business that made plastic reuseable. She also targeted collaborations with large companies to achieve economies of scale for environmental impact. Two women worked together to create a company that would source materials from one location and promote forest conservation. Another woman helped her suppliers implement sustainable practices that would help address climate change and contribute to local ecosystem health.  

These and many more women have made their businesses sustainable despite such challenges as limited resources, social expectations, and little or no access to large corporations interested in their products or services. Their collective actions have made a difference not only to the environment but to their employees, local communities, and women all over the globe. They inspire us and give us hope that, together, we can protect the environment and preserve our ecosystems for generations to come.  

You can read about several of our successful certified women entrepreneurs here. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are and help us support women entrepreneurs. Please consider donating today. 

Thank you for your support and partnership!


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