November 13, 2015


Majda Ficko was named a WEConnect International in Canada WBE of the Year on Nov. 13, 2015!

Did you know diaper rash is actually a chemical burn that can lead to infection? Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb chemicals from your personal care products? Did you know that some of the shampoos and creams for babies on the market today contain chemicals like formaldehyde?

WEConnect International certified woman business owner, award-winning entrepreneur, and mother Majda Ficko knows all to well and has created an all-natural diaper cream that works – Baby Butz.

Majda gave birth to her son, Demitri, nearly 18 years ago. He was born prematurely and was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange. Against all odds, he is alive today. However, he must use a feeding tube for nourishment and forever be in diapers.

Demitri has been prone to diaper rash his entire life. For several years, Majda tried numerous over-the-counter creams, but none seemed to work. She decided to work with a chemist to create exactly what she needed. She started doing research, approaching doctors, “Tell me what I need.” In the end, Majda and the chemist created an all-natural, safe, alcohol-free, and perfume-free product that really works.

“I didn’t make the product to sell,” says Majda. “I made it for Demitri. I remember how relieved I was, knowing he could sleep through the night, rash and pain free.”

In fact Majda had no plans to manufacture and sell her diaper cream, but Demitri’s doctors kept encouraging her to share the formulation so it could help other babies and children. Majda was convinced, and Baby Butz was born.

Baby Butz has received the gold standard NPN license from Health Canada as a certified natural product, and it has been well received by customers from Manitoba to Hollywood, from Chicago to China. Majda started small by selling the cream in pharmacies. She would leverage one deal into another. Today, Baby Butz is in large retail stores and online.

Along the way, Majda had joined Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, who in turn encouraged her to apply for aWEConnect International certification. Eager to get her product into international markets, Majda went for it. Once certified, she was able to attend a trade show in Chicago and grab the attention of Walgreens and WEConnect International Corporate Member Walmart.

“The WEConnect International logo catches the eyes of big players. Buyers want to know if you are a diversity supplier, and they want to see that you are certified.”

Majda is excited for the future of her company with plans to expand her product line. Supraderm a barrier and healing cream for adult rashes will be hitting the market soon, and she also recently got licensed her for all-natural sunscreen. Did you know some of the chemicals in sun blocks on store shelves today actually cause sunburns? Keep an eye out for Sunblocz and SunBlocz Baby by Olen Cosmetics.

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