May & Co.

Susanne May: From Consulting to May-nificent

May & Company is not just a consulting firm, but a passionate team of consultants and coaches who help organizations around the world achieve their goals and drive long-lasting organizational change. What sets them apart is their human-centered approach to workplace culture, which focuses on personal growth, productivity, and a positive work environment.

Carving a niche with innovative consulting services
Their innovative approach to consulting services has helped May & Company carve a niche for itself in the highly competitive industry. Despite the challenges, May & Company has emerged as a successful player in the consulting sector by adhering to its customized and highly relevant solutions. The company’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions has been instrumental in its ability to compete and win against the big players in the industry.

Powering growth with WEConnect International
“Our success has been further fueled by our partnership with WEConnect International, which has provided us with a vast network of member-buyers from diverse backgrounds, industries, and geographic locations. We’ve been able to tap into new markets and establish business relationships that have allowed us to expand our customer base and increase revenue streams,” said Susanne May, Founder.

Unlocking potential and empowering success
“We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of May Academy, an educational tech space that will provide cutting-edge training and coaching programs to individuals and organizations. Our goal is to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s complex business environment, while also providing organizations with the tools and resources they need to drive cultural change, enhance leadership, and increase organizational effectiveness,” added Susanne.

The birth of a catalyst
The founding of May & Company is a story of commitment and purpose. Susanne May, the visionary founder of the company, launched it in 2007 amidst the throes of a financial crisis, driven by her passion to effect positive change in the corporate culture of Germany. With her vast knowledge and expertise in business, strategy, and culture, she set out to create a company that would be a catalyst for change, not only for individuals but for entire organizations as well.

Today, May & Company stands as a shining example of success and innovation in the consulting industry, committed to delivering world-class services that are tailored to the unique needs and objectives of its clients. Here’s to a MAY-nificient future, full of excitement and adventure!



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