Pontes Carnauba Biowax

Lara Pontes: Crafting Dreams in Wax

In 1967, Pontes set sail on a mission – to revolutionize the carnauba biowax industry with an unwavering commitment to quality, ethics, and sustainability. What made them stand out? An exclusive production plant for organic biowax.

Guided by four remarkable women, descendants of the founding family, Pontes has extended its reach to 35 countries across five continents. Their biowax is a catalyst for positive change, creating jobs, nurturing sustainable development, and revitalizing the local biome in the Caatinga.

And they set sail
Breaking down cultural barriers was paramount to raise awareness of sustainable practices. Pontes initiated groundbreaking initiatives, setting new standards for business as usual. They’ve partnered with GIZ, ILO, MDA, universities, and other industry players to expand their positive impact. Over 5,000 individuals have received training, and 38% of their labor force comprises young adults.

Pontes has distributed seedlings, native seeds, and conducted three scientific studies in collaboration with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) to conserve the Caatinga biome.

Collaboration with WEConnect International
Pontes discovered WEConnect through one of their clients, and it was a perfect match. Their collaboration with WEConnect International reflects their commitment to equal opportunities for women and men.

Pontes defines success as being the best for the world, not just in the world. They’ve created economic opportunities and sustainable employment for 1,114 individuals in the heart of the Caatinga biome. They uphold an impeccable safety record, with every worker in full compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE). Their operations are a beacon of excellence, boasting complete production traceability.

Pontes goes the extra mile by guaranteeing that their workers receive fair wages, achieving carbon neutrality, and adopting a zero-waste approach to production. Their commitment extends to preserving 17,531 hectares of the precious Caatinga biome.

Pontes has demonstrated that understanding the positive and negative impacts on people and the planet is the first step toward a more sustainable future. Their motto? Act where it matters most, start today, and perfection will follow with time. Pontes’ journey is a vivid reminder that success is not just about achieving greatness, but about creating a better world for all.


Website: https://pontes.ind.br/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pontesindustria/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pontes-industria-de-cera-ltda/