Crowberry Consulting Ltd.

Becky Toal: Overcoming challenges to support a sustainable future

Crowberry Consulting Ltd. Managing Director Becky Toal understands that resilience and adaptability are crucial to ensuring her company’s success as competition and challenges arise.

In 2006, Becky put her three specialized environmental degrees to work by establishing Crowberry Consulting as a British sustainability consultancy that offers clients sustainable future solutions and international standards compliance. The company provides audits, training and advice regarding energy, ethics and environmental management.

Since founding the company, Becky has relied on her roots and niche offerings to differentiate her team and overcome financial and societal challenges. She pushed the company through the 2008-2010 recession, cybercrime in 2015 and financial fraud in 2016. The past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic and UK triple-dip recession have pushed Crowberry Consulting to not only overcome an uncertain economic landscape, but to thrive by capitalizing on increasingly important priorities.

“All these negative realities make a business owner stronger and more resilient over time,” reflects Becky. “We feel mentally prepared for the next challenge to overcome!”

Becky’s positivity has been instrumental to Crowberry Consulting’s success. When the pandemic began, the company initially lost 20% of its sales. With the aid of several UK government grants and a grant from UPS, however, she managed to quickly recover. In 2020, her team won a contract to work with ARUP and HMG, allowing her to hire a full-time legal executive.

Becky first joined the WEConnct International network more than 10 years ago. During this time, she has attended many conferences in London and worked with several other members on projects such as video development. She notes that her firm has directly benefited from certification by growing her network and securing contracts with businesses she would not otherwise have met.

“I have felt very supported by the UK team. I’ve benefited from meeting many like-minded women business owners who may need our services and vice-versa, as well as grown from the opportunities to become a supplier to large global corporates,” she shares. “

Becky advises new members to be patient as it will take time to build a network. “A new member should not expect to make multi-million-pound trade deals in the first week, but eventually it will pay off. It will definitely pay off.