April 27, 2022

Q&A with eWavelength Managing Director Rosie Seldon

What does your company do?

eWavelength is a UAE-based digital marketing consultancy. It works with companies, large and small to develop their brand in a competitive and fast-moving digital environment. By creating impactful marketing campaigns, eWavelength helps companies successfully respond to the needs of customers.

What have you had to overcome?

The UAE attracts business leaders from all over the world—one of my greatest challenges has been overcoming cultural differences and unique work approaches for eWavelength to be successful. Whereas some cultures may be more focused on profitability, others prioritize building close relationships with partners. Ultimately, however, I see these different, multicultural approaches as an advantage because working with people from diverse backgrounds can create stronger outcomes.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Wavelength lost projects as markets slowed. Working from home was also hard for employees, many of whom had to engage with childcare alongside work. However, because eWavelength was one of the few companies already employing a hybrid work mode, the organization was able to expand globally as markets moved online. Ultimately, eWavelength has had global success helping its clients navigate a new virtual world, where technology is a primary vehicle for communication.

How has WEConnect International helped you?

WEConnect International’s P&G Academy for women entrepreneurs was particularly impressive and impactful in showing how private businesses and WEConnect International can work together to support women entrepreneurs. Since attending this event, I have had the chance to access vast networking opportunities through the WECommunity network database and the support and resources that WEConnect International offers. I have found that engaging with WEConnect Internstional has resulted in tangible benefits. For example, I am currently working to organize a digital marketing master class for women entrepreneurs in partnership with WEConnect International, and I am excited to continue partnering with the organization in the future.