WBE Manager for Latin America - Southern Cone

Priscila Mazochi

Priscila Mazochi provides support to WEConnect International in enhancing brand visibility and outreach to businesswomen in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Her role also involves events and prospecting in these countries in order to create a powerful ecosystem through networking and business scale.

Prior to joining WEConnect International, Priscila worked in marketing and communication, focusing on customer experience and loyalty as well as international negotiation and importing. Her experience includes three different countries – United States (Disney World), Brazil (Telefonica, AmBev, among others) and Chile (Valle Nevado and Wadhwani Foundation). Additionally, Priscila has a Women-Empowerment communication Channel (Latin America).

Priscila holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM – São Paulo, Brazil), is a graduate of UCR for Business Management and Consumer Behavior (California, USA) and of Disney University (Orlando, USA). She is also Yellow Belt and Green Belt – Lean Six Sigma from SETEC (São Paulo, Brazil).