Market Lead, Japan

Miyuki Hirose

Miyuki Hirose is the market lead for Japan since May 2022 for WEConnect International, a global organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. Her mission is to create greater diversity in Japanese society to foster economic growth and job creation. As the founder of Pink Rose, a business offering financial, legal, and communication support to foreigners living in Japan, Miyuki understands the barriers that women often face in the country.

In addition to her work with WEConnect International and Pink Rose, Miyuki has also been active in the international exchange and entrepreneurship communities. She has lectured on TOEIC courses at Osaka International University, provided English language training for tourism-related industries in Kyoto, served as an interpreter for the Embassy of Ghana and Shiga Prefecture, and was a finalist in both the Osaka Entrepreneur Business Plan Contest and the Women’s Business Grand Prix in Shinagawa.  With her dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs and bridging international divides, Miyuki continues to be a leading force in Japan’s business landscape.