Washington, DC
Project Training Manager

Andrea Lizarzaburu

Andrea Lizarzaburu is the Project Training Manager for WEConnect International. An Ecuadorian native, Andrea has worked supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs owners in Latin American and the Caribbean from different platforms. She has experience working for the private and public sectors, and for international and non-government organizations.

Prior to joining WEConnect International, Andrea worked for The Palladium Group in Washington, DC, and AIRBNB in San Francisco, California. She was a consultant for the Entrepreneurship section of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Switzerland, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, and for Ecuador’s Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Additionally, she worked for Ecuador’s Ministry of Production and Competitiveness, enhancing the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has conducted research for Givaudan SA in Haiti, for the International Trade Center in Geneva and for Fairfood International in the Netherlands, all with a focus on sustainable global value chains.

Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from Universidad San Francisco de Quito and an interdisciplinary master’s degree in development studies from the Graduate Institute of Development and International Studies in Geneva.