UK & Ireland
August 5, 2016


In 2015, the hybrid workforce solutions company, Gibbs S3, saw a 53 per cent increase in revenue, compared with the industry predication of 8 per cent. This was powered by Gibbs S3’s annual revenue reaching a total of £49.3m for the UK operations. Global revenues across the group reached £210million.

Farida Gibbs (link is external), CEO & Founder of Gibbs S3, a WEConnect International certified women-owned business, has lead her business expansion across the UK, building steadily to reach the height of success experienced last year. With net profit increases from last year to 82 per cent, Gibbs S3 continues to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. This is down to Gibbs S3’s ability to differentiate from its competitors by offering a unique service to its customers, expanding their capability to excel in delivering on requirements. Gibbs S3 is able to support all types of Operational and IT change though unrivalled access to a broad spectrum of Business and IT professionals.

This recent success has allowed Gibbs S3 to announce two major contract wins, jointly worth around £28m with a major global technology giant. The two wins confirm Gibbs S3 as a core supplier of IT and Infrastructure professionals across the UK, while the second win is in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) space looking after the technology supply chain. The two announcements, highlighting the company’s further progression into the MSP space, confirm Gibbs S3’s reputation as one of the most dynamic workforce solutions companies operating today.

Farida Gibbs said:

“We are delighted to see our commitment to exceptional customer relationships being recognised in the best way possible. There are lots of firms out there offering much of the same, but businesses want so much more, with our personalised approach proving extremely successful. With the industry becoming more diverse, customers now have far more choice over their partners and the service they receive than ever before.With the British economy continuing to improve following the financial crisis, we have used our innovative thinking to continue growing and keep a step ahead of our competitors. Although our industry is often overlooked, we are one of the leading growth areas, which is helping to power the British economy forward. Our Programme Solutions and Consultancy programme will allow us to keep progressing throughout 2016 and beyond.”

Gibbs S3 recently created their programme consultancy division offering Statement ofWork on a fixed price, outcome based solution, something that will keep them well ahead of their competition within the highly competitive industry, I.T. staffing solutions. The expansion of their transformational consultancy division enabled Gibbs S3 to offer an innovative approach to keep ahead of competitions, providing clients with a more complete service.