UK & Ireland
February 22, 2016


Date & Time: Monday, February 22, 2016 – 12:00 to 13:00
Location: Free Online Event

The WebEx recording of this session can be found here.

The slides from this session can be found here.

You can watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about Golden Circles here.

More information about the book Reinventing Organizations written by Frederic Laloux can be found here.

Key Learning Points:

  • Gain insights on how Whole Brain Leaders deal with the challenging context of the 21st Century
  • Learn how to build on personal strengths and show authentic leadership
  • Understand key ingredients such as mental agility, the Peter principle of emotions and intuition in decision making
  • Improve your impact by connecting with others, developing partnership and creating followership with your personal story
  • Increase awareness through self-assessment on the different characteristics of a Whole Brain Leader

Consense discovered that some leaders have a kind of ‘X-Factor’ in leadership. They have the ability to inspire others, generate collective energy to realise high performance results and get the best out of people even beyond company boarders. This was fascinating them so much that Kathleen Jooris and Ann Noppen, together discovered the key ingredients for what they call Whole Brain Leadership. This was the outcome of a professional qualitative study done amongst different top executives.

Today, Consense develops and runs leadership programmes, supports leadership with intensive (online) coaching programmes within different state of the art companies. Consense is passionate about boosting the potential and the impact of leaders in a challenging context in order to reach sustainable impact.

Both business partners are professional executive coaches and profoundly trained in neurocognitive science and body mind methodologies.

Our presenters:

Kathleen Jooris  is a facilitator and executive coach on leadership, team coaching and change. She has 20 years of HR experience in close collaboration with the business for profit and non-profit organisations. She had the opportunity to guide companies in the set up of new start up activities, facilitated companies through restructuring processes and new ways of work. She conducts multilingual interactive workshops on topics such as leadership, team building, talent management, career management, self management, resilience and change management. Her style is pragmatic with a constructive and challenging energy to come out of the comfort zone and take new steps towards fulfilment and productivity.

Ann Noppen is a trilingual (NL, FR, ENG) facilitator and executive coach with a background in business administration, experience as an HR generalist in the FMCG and financial sector, and in HR consultancy at Right Management and Kaleido Consultancy. She has conducted learning and development programs on leadership, team development and change in the Benelux within multinationals and smaller companies (profit and non-profit). She believes that organisations can become more client focused by managing their internal connection and cohesion. Her mission is to support entrepreneurs in developing a high EQ within themselves and their organisations. She is a certified MBTI practitioner, certified neurocognitivism practitioner and body mind practitioner.