UK & Ireland
August 25, 2015


Over recent years there has been increasing recognition of the wider benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and the need to engage experienced and talented women in all aspects of the business. The E2W journey began about 10 years ago when the founder became a mum. She had enjoyed a successful ‘city’ career and then experienced first-hand the challenges facing women, particularly those with financial services careers, when they embarked on motherhood. A business model was created that provided a flexible and empathetic working environment enabling these extraordinary women to continue their fulfilling careers without compromising on family life.

Today E2W, a certified WEConnect International women-owned business, employ women who have enjoyed traditional/mainstream successful City careers; they are talented and hard-working but the culture change at the heart of business is not happening fast enough for them. They are not prepared to sacrifice work/life balance at the altar of what are still some very outdated workplace practices.

Having proved the model in the UK, E2W expanded to new geographies as it became apparent that the requirement for flexible working was a global challenge. Embracing this challenge, E2W developed the working model and now benefit financial services experts in London, Zurich, New York and Singapore.

Their services support their clients in Financial Institutions and Financial Technology Firms with sales and marketing disciplines and market research. They have recently built a recognised capability in providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Resource Augmentation (RA) to firms operating in the capital market space. The deployment of this inclusive model has benefited clients by providing greater access to different perspectives, a wider source of expertise and experience, improved performance and reduced costs, as well as enabling them to access markets they had previously not been able to effectively tap into. It has created awareness and dared to challenge the status quo around the ‘workplace’ environment.

By leading the debate on how firms can meet business objectives using a different approach and innovative business model, E2W hope to positively influence and impact not only women but the organisations that employ them.

More information about E2W can be found here: http://www.e2w.co/