31 Women-Owned Business Spotlights

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, WEConnect International highlighted a woman business owner from WECommunity daily throughout the month of March. These women are breaking barriers and going beyond borders. We are thrilled to share their stories!

Cathy Dimarchos

Cathy Dimarchos wants to be part of the change she wants to see in the world. Her firm Solutions2You Consulting works across continents with executive teams increasing performance by 40 percent. The Result: An additional one billion dollars in sales.

Kathryn Strachan

Kathryn Strachan launched Copy House Ltd. Europe, which specializes in tech and financial tech content services, to improve and increase client relationships. Under her leadership, Copy House has since successfully reached 15 countries across EU and produced thought-provoking content for brands like Klarna, Meta and Travelex.

Andrea Miranda

“For women entrepreneurs the WEConnect International community is fundamental to meeting, connecting and doing business with the biggest and best companies in the world,” says Standout CEO Andrea Miranda, whose company doubled sales in 2021 and grew by over 50 percent in 2020.

Ashley Noseworthy

Edgewise Environmental CEO Ashley Noseworthy signed an MOU with an indigenous multidisciplinary firm to strengthen its capacity in the marine environmental industry and achieve shared goals within the blue economy. Her company is bringing knowledge and education of marine mammals, seabirds & underwater noise to the blue economy through training and consulting services.

Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri

“The WEConnect International community is family to me not only in terms of business visibility but for networking, collaboration and strategic partnerships.” – Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri of Pinnacle Medical Services

Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri will be launching her mental health telemedicine platform, HowBodi, this month geared towards normalizing mental health conversations through compassion. A first in Nigeria and Africa!


Ayako Mochizuki

CEO Ayako Mochizuki led IBS Japan Co. Ltd, a value-added IT reseller that helps clients undergo digital transformations necessary in key industries. The Results: Achieving its highest revenue yet in 2021. Being a woman business owner in Japan, particularly in tech, has many challenges but she loves being CEO.

Yentl Spiteri

Based in Switzerland but working from all over, Von Peach turns ideas & emotions into winning projects tailoring communications to a client’s brand, people & culture. “We are proud to be women and support other women in business.

“The WEConnect International community is strong and with us being so young and small will help us grow our company.” – Yentl Spiteri, Founder, Von Peach

Betel and Lorena Sanchez

Another women-owned enterprise is on the cusp of going global. Betel Sanchez and Lorena Sanchez, Co-Founders of SavvyFoods, a freeze-dried fruits and vegetables producer based in Mexico, have standardized their processes and developed a new series of freeze-dried products that they are now preparing to export worldwide.

Fi Edwards

“WEConnect International is a constant source of inspiration to learn from other women-owned businesses. You also have amazing opportunities, like the empowering Procter & Gamble Supplier Academy program, to help your business grow.” – Skin & Blister Co-Founder Fi Edwards

She aims to grow the Skin and Blister team, both in size and personal development. “Our goal is to develop everyone on our team to be even better leaders.”

Mini Savasankaran

“I have always found WEConnect International to be one of the best platforms for women-owned businesses to make deals with large corporations as I have been lucky to do,” says Founder of SureEvents Mini Savasankaran, who is now using her success to help other women.

One of Mini’s priorities this year: To start exclusive diversity hiring & support women who have had a career break and help educated women who have never had the opportunity to launch their careers.

Monica Hernandez

Monica Hernandez grew her award-winning business, MAS Global Consulting, from zero to a multi-million-dollar business with multiple industry recognitions including being recognized four times by Inc5000 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.

“With the WEConnect International community I can build relationships, learn from other leaders with similar business values and challenges, share what I know and potentially find ways to join forces.”- MAS Global Consulting CEO Monica Hernandez

Robin van Dalen

Robin van Dalen & Inuka Coaching 2021 achievements: 1) ISO certified 2) published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and 3) onboarded PVH Europe & Amnesty International to support people in 20+ countries.
“I get inspiration from other women and access that otherwise is hard to get without relying on old boys networks.” – Robin van Dalen, CEO & Co-Founder, Inuka Coaching

Sofia Esteves

In 2021 Founder & President Sofia Esteves led Grupo Cia de Talentos to place over 12,000 people in large companies, internships and trainee & permanent positions.
“At Grupo Cia de Talentos, I have 5 women partners & our customers are big companies all over the world. Being part of the WEConnect International community can help us achieve our goals.” – Grupo Cia de Talentos Founder & President Sofia Esteves

Cynthia Ene

Cynthia Ene and her team at Illu were recognized by National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research for developing innovative construction products for the climate in the Canadian High Arctic. In the coming year, they’ll be launching a new tech sector to the business, offering contactless and wireless assets for northern infrastructure and construction projects.
“I have been so proud to be a part of a community of Women Owned Businesses, sharing advice, support and successes as we reach for the stars. I am proud to be a member of WEConnect International and I am so glad to have them in my corner.” – Cynthia Ene, CEO, Illu

Gillian Pearl

CEO Gillian Pearl is setting an ambitious goal for Pearl Consulting: Support the scale up of an Australian technical solution to dramatically reduce methane emissions from livestock (cows). The potential Result? Up to 20% reduction in emissions in Australia and then internationally.
“We believe that to achieve gender equity there need to be active steps taken to promote female led and female owned businesses and that’s exactly what WEConnect International is achieving with its business model. By certifying businesses, it makes a dramatic difference in enabling multinational procurement of products and services from female led and owned businesses.” – Gillian Pearl, CEO, Pearl Consulting

Nairouz Bader

“The WEConnect International community accelerates women’s empowerment as business leaders, WBEs and diversity suppliers. It is the voice and vehicle for women’s contribution in all aspects of business and the economy.” – Nairouz Bader, CEO, Envision Executive Consultancy
In 2021 Nairouz led Envision Executive Consultancy to achieve a 50 percent female executive placement but is just getting started! She’s setting her sights on helping corporations increase their women leadership hiring by 30 percent towards reaching parity by 2030.

Poppy Reeve-Tucker

“Since I joined WEConnect International, it has definitely felt like someone is there, encouraging you every step of the way–which means more than people realise.” – Poppy Reeve-Tucker, CEO, We are Family London
Poppy is on a growth trajectory: 3 new large international clients (film, tech and media) and hiring 7 team members. Her event agency stands out as certified woman-owned in a male-dominated industry.

Guadalupe Cano

CEO Guadalupe Cano is breaking down barriers as Visual Latina tripled its clientele in the US market through its strong omnichannel approach and in-house digital shopper production services.
“The WEConnect International community helps us differentiate our organization amongst agency competition and identify opportunities for networking and partnering with marketers.” – Guadalupe Cano, CEO, Visual Latina

Jennifer Pratt

CEO Jennifer Pratt is changing the world one garden at a time: Her Seeding Square helped grow over 18 tons of fresh organic vegetables around the world in 2021—and it will now be available for purchase in a big-box store this spring. Jennifer Pratt believes her garden tool can help improve the lives of people all over the world: She aims to help 30,000 more families plant high-yielding backyard vegetable gardens with confidence and success.

Emi Ishikawa

“The WEConnect International community helps to expand a diverse society and introduce Japanese culture to the world.” – Emi Ishikawa, CEO, Atelier Ishikawa
Emi is using in-house developed technology to grow her business, Atelier Ishikawa. She’ll be launching the design building system for traditional Japanese crafts using AI models this year.

Dr. Violet Abdulkadir

Time-Tell CEO Dr. Violet Abdulkadir met some big goals this past year: She expanded her business into the US with Afrikoncept Global LLC, acquired her own property to scale garment production and went 100 percent paperless by digitizing her business with the Odoo platform.
“I belong to the WEConnect International community to help me grow my network and visibility, which will translate into increased business outcome.” – Dr. Violet Abdulkadir, CEO, Time-Tell

Rupinder Mann

Rupinder Mann aspires to have UnNamed Ventures become trusted change-makers that clients of all sizes seek out to help engineer better work ecosystems to enable people to do their best work.
“The WEConnect International community is an important part of our ethos to seek out and be a part of communities that are enabling diverse voices and people.” -Rupinder Man, Founder & MD, Unnamed Ventures

Danielle Matachana

CEO Danielle Matachana Thomé led Projex Engenharia Comércio e Construções Eireli to a stunning 70 percent growth in 2021, compared to 2020, and has a new multinational client.
“I often say that Projex is called PROJEX WECONNECT because I have so much admiration and gratitude for the WEConnect International community. Once certified, I built my network, and I was born again. It was a general transformation both professional and personal.” – Danielle Matachana Thomé, Proprietária, Projex Engenharia Comércio e Construções Eireli

Olivera Prezgaj

Under the leadership of Olivera Prezgaj, Swisstrans delivered: Satisfied employees and customers, and expanded the business to include oxygen delivery to lung patients throughout Switzerland.

“We think it’s great that the WEConnect International community promotes companies that are in women’s hands.” –Olivera Prezgaj, Swisstrans GmbH

Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker aims to celebrate big in 2022 with 20 years of Funny Women in style and all around the world with its partners in UK, Europe, USA and Australia.
“WEConnect International is a supportive and open community of like-minded women who have my back! It’s like having a boardroom full of amazing directors!” –Lynne Parker, Founder & CEO, Funny Women CIC

Elsy Mayer Nova

CEO Elsy Mayer Nova of Handel Mayer promoted corporate gifts with a social sense this year by helping indigenous communities in Chiapas and Tabasco. This year, Elsy plans to publicize media-glass tech to elevate the customer experience through tailor-made visual solutions.
“WEConnect International helps unite and organize women so that the corporate world can learn about us and buy from us.” –Elsy Mayer Nova, CEO, Handel Mayer

Wendy Broersen

CEO Wendy Broersen of Superwomen Academy was busy last year! She expanded from 5 countries to 12, designed two more serious games to increase inclusion with clients and is running a successful D&I Master Program at the University of Amsterdam. “WEConnect International helps me to learn the corporate ways, offers visibility to the right organisations and allows me to connect & cooperate with other entrepreneurial women all over the world.” –Wendy Broersen, CEO, Superwomen Academy

Lorena Bin

Lorena Bin, Co-Founder and CEO of Neuromarketing.la, aims to increase market awareness of BrainPro in 2 new markets and increase sales in 20 percent of the SaaS by introducing it into agencies and corporate accounts.
“WEConnect International offers a supportive women’s community and the opportunity to receive training and access to corporate accounts.” -Lorena Bin, Co-Founder & CEO, Neuromarketing.la.

Elynn Lorimer

2021 was a great year for CEO Elynn Lorimer: Spatial Research and Design delivered leading edge research on virtual reality devices & experiences for clients–and won a best user experience design award for work with YWCA Vancouver, a not-for-profit advocating for gender equality. Elynn seeks to drive greater accountability for the negative impacts of technology with ‘Human Impact’, a framework that brings ethics into everyday product design & development practices and raise the bar on how we define and evaluate digital products.

Roberta Cury

CEO Roberta Cury of Transcury had a great year: She recovered a former client and sealed the deal with Syngenta Seed, and revenue increased by 48 percent in the full pandemic with excellent service and high customer satisfaction. In 2022, Roberta aims to secure two contracts with at least two major companies.

Leanne Booker-Cooke

Leanne Booker-Cooke is Co-Founder & CEO of e-bate Ltd, the UK’s first end-to-end highly configurable SaaS, Price & Margin Management solution. 2021 showed growth: the team from 13-29, clients from 5-12 and annual reoccurring revenue more than doubled: £225K to £475K. She has raised £1.3 million in investment and is aiming to hit £1 million annual recurring revenue, allowing e-bate to go its Series A investment to continue its global expansion.