In Chile, WEConnect International is working with Mujeres Empresarias to deliver WEConnect International certification. Mujeres Empresarias is an organization that supports women business owners in all stages of entrepreneurship and represents an innovative network for women that facilitates their economic development and entry into the business world.

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Success Chile

"We closed a deal with Sodexo. The differentiating factor was the WEConnect International certification."  Carolina Valdivieso, Owner and General Manager, Promociones CB.
"Cerramos negocio con Sodexo. El factor diferenciador fue estar certificada por WEConnect International." Carolina Valdivieso, Dueña y Gerente General, Promociones CB.

"We just signed a contract with Pfizer thanks to our certification."   Francisca Riesco Valdés, General Manager, Caramelovending.
"Acabamos de cerrar contrato con Laboratorio Pfizer gracias a la certificación." Francisca Riesco Valdés, Gerente General, Caramelovending.


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Latin America Regional Forum and Showcase 

“Connecting Women-Owned Businesses with Global Value Chains”

On March 26, 2015, WEConnect International will hold its first regional forum in Colombia to feature key speakers, training sessions, networking opportunities, and a trade fair.  This event will also mark WEConnect International’s official opening in Colombia and feature its Women Business Enterprises (WBEs). Special recognition awards will be presented to WBEs, WEConnect International corporate members, and partnership organizations that have demonstrated exceptional success and leadership. 

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WEConnect International holds successful forum in Chile

With the US Ambassador in attendance, WEConnect International gathered over 100 women business owners and business leaders in Santiago to network and discuss the landscape for women entrepreneurs in Chile.

The event, held on April 9th, was generously supported by the Inter American Development Bank. The institution was represented by Eddy Linares, Chief of Operations.

Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO of WEConnect International, welcomed participants and stressed her organization’s commitment to support women entrepreneurs globally.  Representatives from Walmart Chile, CESAM Sodexo, and Manpower offered insights into the operation of supply chains and entrepreneurship at a panel moderated by Belisa de las Casas, Director for Latin America at WEConnect International.

“Many changes are happening in Chile that are inspiring other nations to incorporate women in various fields,” said US Ambassador Mike Hammer.

After the forum, women entrepreneurs certified by WEConnect International had the opportunity to participate in a matchmaking session with leading global corporations, including Walmart Chile, Sodexo, Manpower, Pfizer, and Telefónica.

WEConnect International will hold another forum for women business owners in Lima, Peru, on April 11th. Prior to the forum in Chile, WEConnect International hosted an activity for women entrepreneurs in Brazil on April 7th.

Photo: L to R: Francisca Valdés, Director for Chile for WEConnect International; Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO of WEConnect International; Michael Hammer, US Ambassador to Chile, and Belisa de las Casas, Director for Latin America for WEConnect International.




WEConnect International and AmCham Chile sign cooperation agreement

Santiago, Chile, April 9, 2014 - Katheen Barclay, president of AmCham Chile, and Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO of WEConnect International, sign a MOU to promote the interests of women business owners.

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