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Consultancy: Request for Proposals WEConnect International eNetwork

1. Background

WEConnect International is a global non-profit that works with partners to increase opportunities for women-owned businesses to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. We seek to certify these women-owned businesses (WOBs) so they have access to the global value chains of multi-national corporations through the WEConnect International eNetwork.

The eNetwork is our proprietary global database of certified women’s business enterprises (WBEs), self- registered women-owned businesses (WOBs), and corporate members that allows users from each group to connect with other companies they are interested in doing business with. All users complete an initial application which is the basis for their user profile. All users can access user profiles and have different levels of access to information and tools in the database depending on their status as WBEs, WOBs, Corporate Members, etc. as defined below. The front end of the database is a user-friendly externally facing network while the back-end is a robust source of data on the following groups for use internally by WEConnect International.


Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) – businesses that have applied for certification through the eNetwork and have had an assessment completed by a WEConnect International trained assessor to verify that their company is 51% or more owned, managed, and controlled by one or more women.

Self-Registered Women-Owned Business (WOB) – businesses that have applied for self-registration through the eNetwork and have self-identified as meeting the criteria for 51% ownership by one or more women.

Corporate Members – Companies that have operate on a global scale that are interested in diversifying their supply chains by increasing the number of WBEs and women-owned businesses that they source from.

Assessors – assessors have been trained by WEConnect International to conduct due diligence on all certified WBEs to ensure that they meet the certification criteria.

WEConnect Academy – 10 training modules for certified and self-registered businesses that are available through a link in the eNetwork. The WEConnect Academy is hosted through Docebo.


The objective of the consultancy is to increase online support resources for women-owned businesses through the WEConnect International eNetwork.


- Type of consultancy: Consultancy Firm

- Duration: Estimated 9 months starting on January 20, 2015; ending on September 20, 2015 based on start date agreed to by both parties

- Qualifications:

- A full service firm replete with a designer, developer and DBA offers us a wider array of services.

- Experience in Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, Apache, CSS &HTML5 Delivery

- Speed: Ability to deliver complex components within mutually agreed upon timeframe

2. Activities

A Priority Activities:


- Upgrade Payment Gateway credit card processing system and/or integrate PayPal payment option

- Add discount code option

Enhanced Administration: Create a form within the administrative section 'Site Visit Form' that an assessor will populate during or post site visit with information about potential certified company. Form must have lookup capabilities to link to certification company record/files.

B Priority Activities:

Multilingual Site

- Add certification options for English Speaking Caribbean & Ireland

- Add “year company acquired” and request for facebook page & twitter handle to certification applications (multilingual)

- Make renewal application revenue year a pull- down menu (multilingual)

- Remove “no” option from all terms of service agreements on existing applications (multilingual)

- Add additional local corporal member categories (English only)

Platform Integration: Integrate eNetwork login to include WEConnect Academy training modules hosted on Docebo platform

C Priority Activities:

Enhanced Administration

- Make submitted renewal applications easier to track and manage

- Add partial & full scholarship options to payment type pull-down menu

- Lock certification numbers once assigned so they can only be changed by a super admin

- Add ability to flag certified companies for assessment every 4 years 


- Create landing page that all users are brought to when they login to eNetwork (multilingual)

- Update currently existing product & service

categories (multilingual)

- Add link to certification and self-registration

applications for currency conversion (multilingual)

Certificate: Change certificate file format from .png to .pdf

Email Alerts: Email alerts to users upon events like 'save', ‘submit’, and other status changes.

D Priority Activities:


- Upgrade search function to allow for corporate members to save searches & export limited data

- Allow corporate members to give “stars” to WBEs they are doing business with

- Allow corporate members to list additional publically visible contacts for their companies on their profiles

- Create “help” tab within the menu with eNetwork instructions

Enhanced Administration: Allow restricted administrators to have full directory access while limiting their administrative privileges to their assigned country(ies)

Reporting: ad hoc reporting based on pre-determined fields

and ranges for corporate members D

2.2 All client-facing web pages are expected to render properly on standard mobile devices in an ‘as- is’ layout.

2.3 Deployment to client environments is included in this contract. 2.4 Search Engine Friendly URLS are required

2.5 Training & Support

Training will be provided to the Certification Program Manager on all new features as well as any custom or 3rd party modules/components used for the site to ensure the site can be administered effectively and that additional administrators can be trained.

3. Schedule

Scope items shall be delivered in stages as agreed to by both parties. If scope items are not delivered on the dates date established payment will be held until the date vendor delivers scope.

4. Site Content

Unless otherwise specified in Section 1 of this agreement, client will add all content to the website. If Consultant will be doing the site content, the client will be responsible for supplying all site content to Consultant. This content may consist of, but is not limited to, all images, graphics, text, logos, flash files, audio/video files.

5. Intellectual Property

a) Client retains all rights to its pre-existing intellectual property and any intellectual property it creates in connection with the agreement; and

b) The vendor assigns to client all rights in any work product developed pursuant to the agreement and acknowledges that all materials created by the vendor pursuant to the agreement shall be deemed “works for hire” under the United States Copyright Act.

c) The intellectual property rights of all the work and documents carried out or produced by the consultant as a result of the activities described above and reside with WEConnect International.

6. Browser Compatibility

All websites and components developed and installed will be made compatible with the following browsers as a standard feature:

a) IE7 or later

b) Mozilla Firefox

c) Google Chrome d) Safari

7. Mobile Compatibility

All websites designed by Consultant will display within standard mobile devices in an ‘as-is’ layout, unless specified in Section 1 of this agreement. Certain site content and functions may not function properly based upon restrictions of the mobile browser platform which are out of the control of Consultant.

8. Warranty

a) All of the services to be performed by the vendor will be rendered using sound, professional practices in a competent manner by knowledgeable, trained and qualified professionals; and

b) All services and deliverables provided under the agreement will materially conform to the specifications set forth in the applicable statement of work or comparable document and shall not violate the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other right of any third party.

9. Proposal

A successful proposal will include:

a) Consultant information including background information on the consultant including team member CVs and years in business

b) Examples from the company’s portfolio of similar projects

c) Proposed process for completing the project

d) Three references

e) Proposed fee

WEConnect International and WBENC certified WBEs are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.

10. FAQs

Q: Is WEConnect International looking for upgrades to its existing system rather than an entirely new site and back-end?

A: Yes. The eNetwork was launched in June 2013. This consultancy will be to integrate new features and upgrade existing features.

Q: Is the eNetwork built on Joomla, or is just the public site?

A: The eNetwork is built on Joomla.

Q: Does WEConnect International intend to stay with the same platform/CMS?

A: Yes.

Q: What payment gateway is the site currently using? Aside from PayPal, are there other systems WEConnect International would consider using?

A: We currently use First Data as our credit card processor. We are open to suggestions on other systems.

Q: What does adding certification for English Speaking Caribbean and Ireland entail?

A: The certification form in English already exists as part of the platform. When users begin the application process they are required to select their country. Only countries where we currently offer certification are allowed to apply for certification. This would require making the option to apply for certification available to these countries. 

Q:What languages are to be included in the multilingual sections?

A:English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew. WEConnect International will be responsible for providing translations of all content for multilingual sections.

Q: How many product/service categories does WEConnect International have?

A: Currently there are 39 categories. The update will include shortening this list to 24 and creating sub-categories.

11. Deadline

a) Questions should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than November 5, 2014. Answers will be collected and posted on the WEConnect International website no later than November 7, 2014.

b) Proposals should be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF attachments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “eNetwork Proposal 2015” as the subject no later than November 14, 2014.