Washington, DC
Middle East Regional Director

Patricia Langan

Patricia serves as WEConnect International’s Regional Director for the Middle East, where she capitalizes on her experience of more than 20 years in starting, growing and leading international and national NGOs for women and youth economic empowerment. 

In her previous roles at Save the Children, Making Cents, International Youth Foundation and at her own consulting practice, she led regional strategy, capacity building, program management and fundraising for expansion in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the former Soviet Union. Her personal driver is increasing prosperity and rights, and promoting voice for the most marginalized people. 

Patricia has built and led diverse cross-cultural, cross-border and cross-sectoral teams, developed alliances with the corporate sector and raised over $20M over 20 years to help more than 200,000 rural and urban deprived women, youth and entrepreneurs. Her work focused on developing the knowledge, skills, opportunities and networks they need to get decent jobs and build businesses, stay healthy and be productive citizens.  In the process, she has forged and maintained partnerships with global corporations, multilateral and bilateral donors, foundations and local and international non-profits. 

Patricia also served as a public sector management specialist at the World Bank, where she pioneered the integration of citizen’s voices into public sector reforms and anti-corruption work. Prior to her career in international development, she served as Assistant Vice President in project finance on Wall Street at The Fuji Bank and National Westminster Bank, where she contributed to closing and syndicating more than USD $1 billion in alternative energy, cogeneration, recycling and transportation structured financings. She attended Brown University and Harvard Kennedy School. She serves as a mentor for youth and women in the Washington, DC, area and on the board of AMP Global Youth, which promotes global citizenship.