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Sally Ormond

Job title

Managing Director


Suffolk, UK

I first became aware of WEConnect International through a certified member I met at a local networking event. She was aware of my business and said that she thought it would be a good fit as my skills were not only suitable to the corporate market, but also fellow WEConnect International women business owners. After looking into the organization I was impressed by the range of events and activities it offered and the number of corporate members.

I soon decided that the only way forward was to become a fully certified member (a painless process), initially deciding to try it out for a 3-year period. Anything like this takes a while to show results, but I am now into my fourth year and have worked with a few WEConnect International women business owners and a couple of corporate contacts.

I started Briar Copywriting back on 2007. I work with companies of all sizes around the world to help them communicate more effectively through the written word, both for external and internal communications. Working in partnership with my clients, I get to know them, their business and their customers and create content that fits their brand, achieves their aims and that creates a cohesive image.

Since becoming part of WEConnect International I have been working with Cisco (award entries and on-going basis on internal communication projects), My Social Intelligence (copyediting work), GIBBS S3 (brochure and website content), RBS (helping Marcella Navarro with an interview document) and The Sourcing Team (mobile web content).

I came into contact with Nikki Walker of Cisco at the first conference I attended and Shelley Rostlund of My Social Intelligence at the 2014 conference.  Although I had met both Gill (The Souring Team) and Farida (GIBBS S3) at conferences, it was Maggie Berry who made the initial introduction when they were looking for copywriting help.

As a writer, the main differentiating factor in winning these business contracts was me; the way I work, the way I connect with my clients, the transparency of my work and the way I will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals. The ability to focus on your customers’ needs, empathize with them and show them how you are going to make their lives better is paramount if your marketing communications are to be powerful enough to get you noticed.

The introductions from Maggie, as a trusted partner member of WEConnect International’s team, were the first step in making these connections, and working with WEConnect International businesses and corporate members certainly helps exposure to other potential clients. Today, with a raised profile I am working with more large corporates who understand that although I work alone, that gives them the continuity and personal service they want. 

WEConnect International has helped me on a business level and a personal one, too. Not the greatest networker in the world (that’s the introverted writer in me), the conferences and events I have attended have given me the confidence to believe that I can work with the big boys and add value to WEConnect International business owners and members. | |

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