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WEConnect International has been active in Canada since the beginning of 2008 working with strategic partners, government agencies, corporate members and outstanding women business owners across the country.

WEConnect International is proud to be the exclusive global partner of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in the U.S. WEConnect International leverages this strong long-term partnership to provide opportunities to the organizations WEConnect International partners within all target countries, including Canada. Together, WEConnect International and WBENC are responsible for ensuring universal women's business enterprise certification standards and processes are maintained by our respective affiliates and local partner organizations.

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La conférence, Cap vers la réussite « Innover pour se démarquer », est une initiative du Réseau des Femmes d'affaires du Québec (RFAQ). Seront présentes à cette conférence plus de 150 personnes : des entreprises dirigées par des femmes francophones de partout au Canada, des dirigeants d'entreprises multinationales et leurs acheteurs, de hauts fonctionnaires ainsi que plusieurs autres fournisseurs de services d'affaires importants. Le
programme de la conférence comprendra des conférenciers de renom, des panels de discussion, des rencontres de maillage pour les entreprises féminines certifiées, des tables rondes, une exposition avec kiosques, des activités de réseautage et plus.


Safrata Renee"Bottom Line: most meetings are a waste of time." - Renée Safrata

(March 14, 2016) Organizing an effective and productive meeting is a skill that must be learned. Nothing wastes more time and money than having 10 people sitting around a boardroom for an hour without a plan.

After this informative session led by Canadian woman business owner Renée Safrata, CEO, VIVO Team, participants will:

  • Learn about the different types of meetings and how they differ
  • Learn about effective meeting processes
  • Commit to setting and achieving meeting goals

On March 13, Laure Solange Pchamdja, founder of self-registered women-owned business Aldanel Authentic Products, received the “2016 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award” at the Acadian Entrepreneurs Gala on Prince Edward Island.

"Originally from the African country of Togo, Laure Solange Pchamdja immigrated to Canada 17 years ago and moved to Charlottetown in 2012. The following year, she established Aldanel Authentic Products Inc. She developed five different tomato sauces and gave them catchy names: Chili Tango, Carrot Symphony, Tomato Celebration, Rouge Poivron et Spinach Carnival. For the time being, she rents the cooking and bottling facilities at the Bio Tech Food Centre in Charlottetown to prepare and package her sauces. She provides work for 11 people. Aldanel sells its products all over the Maritime and Quebec."

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