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Ottawa-based translation company and WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise wintranslation has produced a video chronicling their journey over the past 19 years. President and Founder Huiping Zhang also reflects on what it meant to win the WEConnect International in Canada 2016 WBE of the year award.

a wintranslations story from Frank Carr on Vimeo.

Prescod Chelsea fpOn International Women’s Day, March 8th, join Chelsea Prescod, Executive Director of WEConnect International in Canada, and the British Canadian Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCCTC) in a celebration of Women in Business. 

This will be an exciting evening full of opportunities to meet new people; women at the Entrepreneurial level and CEOs and everyone in between coming together to engage with like- minded professionals for support, inspiration, entertainment and education.

Zhang Huiping2016Ottawa-based, WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise (WBE) wintranslation was among those awarded "WBE of the Year" at the WEConnect International in Canada "Power the Economy" conference in late 2016. In a recent press release, the company reflected on the importance of receiving the award. Said president and founder Huiping Zhang:

"Women business owners often face different obstacles than men. WEConnect International is a great outlet and community for women business owners; it offers guidance and new business opportunities. People don't often imagine a woman running a company providing business support for large corporations and government. This award is a recognition of wintranslation’s accomplishments, but also a recognition of what women can achieve as entrepreneurs."