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Sales Beacon CEO Cynthia Spraggs at Everest Base Camp
Cynthia Spraggs, Sales Beacon: Working at Everest Base Camp
Sales Beacon is a WEConnect International Certified WBE based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sales Beacon's focus is on global complex enterprise sales and project management, where they provide cost-effective solutions driving sales team efficiency.

What makes Sales Beacon unique?

We invented a better way to roll out sales and marketing programs.  We found that traditional approaches don’t work in today’s fast-moving, hyper-connected, and constantly changing organizations – so we went back to the drawing board.

Everyone on our team works remotely and is put through a 3-month training and mentoring process. Our light, agile methods get results from global cross-functional teams who have different agendas, massive inboxes and crushing to-do lists. And, our integrated creative and data analytics services let us deliver end to end program solutions without having to wait for third parties.

Why did Sales Beacon decide to receive certification through WEConnect International?

We are strongly focused on the underutilized talent pool in rural workforces, especially working women with family responsibilities. The Canadian government sponsored us to attend a WeConnect conference two years ago and this exposure, and the quality of the corporate representation, made certification a no-brainer.

What inspires you as a business owner?

As someone who was told by a headhunter that I was unemployable after life threw me some serious curve balls, my best day is finding underutilized, overlooked talented individuals and helping to build their potential. Then add the ability to work anywhere. Someone gave me that chance and now I’m paying it forward. We just made Canada’s top employers because of our strong focus on our people.

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