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Dünyadan 600'e yakın Kadın Sahipliğindeki İş Yeri, salgının işlerini nasıl etkilediği konusunda yaptığımız ankete katıldı. Türkiye'ye ait sonuçlar şu şekilde:

NurdanDate: Friday, 1 May 2020

Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm (TRT)

Women-owned Businesses in the WEConnect International network are concerned that one of the biggest challenges they will face in light of the COVID-19 crisis is the “new normal” and “new way of doing things,” based on a survey and interviews we conducted in April. This webinar will help women-owned businesses identify important considerations and actions they can take to optimize and re-focus their business for the “new age” caused by the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Topics to be covered in webinar include:

  • Challenges Women Owned Businesses face in the “New Normal”
  • Main capabilities which help businesses move through crisis and change
  • Actions businesses can take
  • Action in practice – success stories

This webinar will be led by Nurdan Gündoğdu, Digid and Partner, SME Development Platform. WEConnect International’s partner Digid is a consulting company helping SMEs sustain and grow their business.  Digid has the knowledge and expertise to carry the businesses to new levels no matter what the problems they are facing. A new era and new challenges are their main study areas. They would like to share their clients’ success stories to inspire change.


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Feyza Özay Ekşi is the Turkish owner of Decoristan, a gift and craft company. She says certification with WEConnect International has resulted in her getting contracts from global companies like Marriott.

Refiye Erişçi owns Favori, a certified WEConnect International woman-owned business in Turkey. Last year, she won an award for landing 20 contracts with eight different corporate members.