IDRCJamaica1Within the framework of WEConnect International’s research project “Enhancing the Growth of Women-Owned Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean by Building on Private Sector Initiatives” funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre, on April 20th, 2017 WEConnect International in the Caribbean held an executive panel to discuss information related to women entrepreneurs and to share experiences and knowledge that promote the private, public and civil society sectors to better understand the needs of women-owned businesses in the region. 

Page Yaneek FP(March 20, 2017) In her latest article in The Gleaner, "New Taxes: What Small Businesses Must Do, WEConnect International's Country Director for Caribbean Markets Yaneek Page shares advice on how small businesses in Jamaica can navigate new and higher taxes. She writes:

"In theory, revenue measures are simply the monies allocated to the maintenance and growth of a country that eligible citizens and organisations are obliged to pay as the price to exist in society.  In reality, unless taxpayers are producing and earning more each year, they are likely to view new or increased taxes as a debilitating albatross, unsympathetically diminishing their incomes, standard of living, and overall quality of life."

Today, WEConnect International in The Caribbean will present preliminary results of a study being prepared with the support of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Increasingly, the positive connection among women, their economic empowerment, the growth of economies, and the well‐being of communities is recognized around the world. However, not enough is known about the challenges faced globally by women entrepreneurs and business owners who are trying to access new markets to grow their businesses.

Andrea Lizarzaburu

Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

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