bod 37The following article by Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page appeared on corporate member MasterCard's Biz Caribbean blog on February 3, 2016:

"Did you know that Caribbean companies are lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to innovation? We invest less in research and development, launch fewer new products and services, and register fewer patents and other forms of intellectual property than many other countries in Europe, Asia and parts of the Americas, according to the World Bank.

In the report Many Firms But Little Innovation, the World Bank noted that countries in Latin America and the Caribbean had vibrant entrepreneurial populations, but very limited innovation, which resulted in stagnant company growth and relatively weak economic impact.

SaraBarrett(November 5, 2015) Emily Turner recently interviewed Sara Barrett, owner of Bliss Bridal Boutique in Jamaica about her passions and challenges as a woman entrepreneur. We are proud to say that Sara listed WEConnect International as a resource for women business owners in her country. Here are few more tips from Sara:

Stop worrying. As women we tend to stress over everything, whereas we need to recognize that not everything is within our control. Spend your time and energy trying to find solutions for the things that you can control, instead of worrying over the things you can't.

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Suite 18, Winchester Business Centre, 15 Hope Road, Kingston 10

This meeting is for Caribbean/Jamaican entrepreneurs who want to learn more about WEConnect International -- our global network of women global network of women entrepreneurs and how we support women entrepreneurs to succeed in global markets.

Andrea Lizarzaburu

Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

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