Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page's Tips for Small Business Owners

"The uncomfortable truth is that most jobseekers are neither a great fit for, nor would want to work with, a start-up or early-growth-stage small business. It's a major issue that we have yet to address at the national level, which is critical given the reliance on the MSME sector to create jobs.

bod 37Executive Director of WEConnect International in Jamaica Yaneek Page shares advice on networking and business growth.

“My general advice is that being a part of vibrant business networks can significantly enhance an entrepreneur and his or her business in several ways. Let me declare that my enthusiasm for this subject is influenced by my own positive experiences with networks and my expertise as a strategic networking trainer locally and internationally.”

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bod 37The following article by Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page appeared on corporate member MasterCard's Biz Caribbean blog on February 17, 2016:

"How often do you think 'this market is just too small for my business to realize its potential'? Probably more times than you care to count, and chances are, you are correct.

Exporting to more lucrative markets is a goal for many businesses across the Caribbean, and with good reason. New markets can provide significant opportunities for growth, diversify your customer base, create new revenue streams, boost profitability and mitigate against harsh external challenges such economic decline, currency devaluation and small markets.

Andrea Lizarzaburu

Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

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