Buoyed by the reception of women entrepreneurs in Jamaica and significant interest from neighboring countries, WEConnect International expanded its network across the English-speaking Caribbean in August 2014.

WEConnect International launched in Jamaica in April 2013 with support from the U.S. State Department WEAmericas program. In just over a year, more than 160 women business owners from across the island joined WEConnect International as members, and more than a dozen women-owned businesses applied for and received international certification.

WEConnect International has developed a reputation in Jamaica for promoting greater market access for women entrepreneurs. The network has built a strong relationship with the Government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Industry Investment and Commerce with its work highlighted in the State Minister’s Sectoral Contribution on industry in the house of parliament in June 2014.

The value of WEConnect International’s entry into Jamaica is also highlighted by the 2013 WEVenturescope Report, which gave a perfect score to the country in the area of access to networks for women entrepreneurs.

Yaneek Page will oversee the expansion of WEConnect International in the Caribbean. Interested women entrepreneurs across the English-speaking Caribbean can register to become members of the network by signing up online.

bod 37(September 21, 2016) Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page recently shared business advice in her latest article in The Gleaner. Says Yaneek:

"There are many small businesses that offer outstanding service, outpacing and outclassing the offerings of their larger and more complacent counterparts. However, ironically and sadly, as a consumer who has been burnt several times by unprofessional micro and small business operators, I can understand why some people may have a preference to do business with more established companies that are more purposeful about customer satisfaction, retention, and company reputation."

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"The Big Word is Global"

(September 1, 2016) Dayna Wallace, owner of Jamaica-based and WEConnect International certified Dayna Wallace International, sat down for a short interview at WEConnect International Day 2016 in Orlando, Florida to discuss the even, the value of certification in growing her brand globally, and the importance of buying from women-owned companies.

Date: August 25, 2016

Time: 17:30-18:30

Location: 51 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica

The Sensitization Meeting is exclusively for women entrepreneurs in Jamaica who are interested in accessing new markets or collaborating with women entrepreneurs across the globe for the success of their business. This is your opportunity to learn more about WEConnect International and how our expanding global network can help you succeed in global markets.

Hosted by Yaneek Page Please RSVP call 296-7681 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.