WEConnect International in Australasia connects women-owned enterprises to corporations under their Supplier Diversity and Inclusion programs.

In Australasia, WEConnect International works in collaboration with women's organizations including BPW (Business & Professional Women), The Ruby Connection (part of Westpac Bank), Women In Global Business (part of Austrade), WCEI (Women Chiefs of Enterprise International). Certification is offered in Australia and New Zealand.

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ClareHill Sysdoc(June 15, 2017) Clare Hill, Chief Executive at Sysdoc, a WEConnect International certified women-own business, spoke to the MCA recently about her ambitions for the firm, the impact of changes in the industry and what makes a great consultant.  

Asked how she has managed to build the strength of the firm since they were founded in 1986 and how influential her New Zealand heritage is, Clare said:  

McKeith Amanda(May 12, 2017) Amanda McKeith began Winnow Chocolates to explore her love of hand-made items and interest in food products in December 2013. 

Amanda fell in love not only with the traditional French technique of hand-tempering on marble, one which is rarely used by chocolate makers these days, but also with the scope of flavor combinations that are possible with chocolate. Realizing a gap in the Australian wedding favour market as well as custom-made corporate gifts motivated her to continue creating unique and delicious products, which can be used in a variety of different ways.

Sandra DSouzaAs a business owner, Sandra D’Souza feels lucky to wake up every day eager to go to work, knowing her team members have the same energy and passion as she does. Curate Bee is more than just a business and delivering marketing activities to clients.  It taps into her potential and that of her staff assisting then to learn new things everyday, embrace change, continually evolve to be better and find ways to positively impact on our community.    

Combining her enthusiasm in helping people with her knowledge, Sandra has dedicated some of her time to bringing in business partners that support women-owned and women-led businesses; founding Her.Network.

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