WEConnect International in Singapore opens doors to new business opportunities for women business owners. Led by corporate members, it certifies firms in Singapore that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and connects them with the growing global demand from corporations and the public sector for diverse and innovative suppliers. The organization partners with corporations, associations, governments, women entrepreneurs and their supporters, and is part of a global certification network for women-owned enterprises.

MoneyFMExxonMobil’s Nancy Swartout is interviewed by MoneyFM in Singapore on how working with women-owned suppliers has benefited the company.

Investing in women can yield a significant boost in economic growth, otherwise known as “the gender dividend.” Yet, across the globe, women continue to earn on average less than one percent of the money spent on suppliers by large corporations and governments.

You’re invited to help us change this reality. Join us at WEConnect International in Singapore's inaugural event.

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