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Tisser(June 22, 2017) WEConnect International recently held its first ever photo contest for women-owned businesses. We received nearly 100 entries from 11 countries and named 5 finalists who are now in the running for a grand prize. Though Tisser’s entry was not chosen for the final round, we wanted to share their photo and a little more about the company.

"Tisser" is French word for weave. Tisser aims to weave an exclusive rural boutique, opened to the world via various social portals, from products that are made using traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes found throughout rural India, in order to support sustainable economic development of the artisans and weavers from the poser sections of the society.

Tisser has weaved a network of rural products across the globe whereby products from multiple cluster across the rural India and made available on wholesale rate to the retailers via one central location. They work on the entire supply chain and provide support to artisans on design and product development to marketing.

Walmart logo new(April 13, 2017) Congratulations to the 32 women entrepreneurs who graduated this week from the Walmart Women Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP)!

"Walmart funded the WEDP in April 2016 to support women-owned businesses achieve higher levels of business growth and help make them more resilient in today’s dynamic socio-economic environment,” said Krish Iyer, President and CEO, Walmart India.

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Anantaraman Kalpana(March 31, 2017) Founder and CEO of the Act • 1 and WEConnect International Ambassador Janice Bryant-Howroyd announced Kalpana Anantaraman as the winner of the Fastest Growing Women's Business Enterprise Award at the inaugural WEConnect International Gala on March 30 in Washington, DC. The award recognizes WEConnect International certified WBEs who have successfully started businesses and have been able to quickly scale them.