WIEM2015 ScreenShot(10 APRIL 2015 – ABUJA) On 4-5 May 2015, some 200 women business owners and representatives from the public and private sectors will gather in Lagos, for the first WEConnect International Exhibition & Matchmaker (WIEM) in Nigeria. For two days, female entrepreneurs will learn about the benefits of being certified as a women's business enterprise (WBE). At the same time, buyers will learn about the innovative solutions WBEs can offer and the competitive advantage they provide for their brands.

“WEConnect International has such a unique value proposition for women-owned businesses, because it is one of the only organizations committed to providing them with access to markets by facilitating connections with key procurement decision makers globally,” said Comfort Sakoma, Executive Director of WEConnect International in Nigeria. “This event brings together Nigeria's most goal-oriented, fit for purpose, ready to compete women-owned businesses and Nigeria's most progressive multinational corporations who understand the connection between input and output and know that setting up business to compete in the future requires that they are open to building a more diverse and inclusive supply chain.”

Event News

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