April 27, 2017

nglcc logoThe National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, a WEConnect International partner organization, in collaboration with its partners in the National Business Inclusion Consortium (NBIC), has named the second annual Best-of-the-Best list of corporations in America committed to diversity and inclusion across all communities. Among those honored were several WEConnect International corporate members, including:

  • Accenture (board member)
  • Apple
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Chevron
  • Cummins Inc.
  • EY (board member)
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hilton
  • IBM (board member)
  • KPMG (local member in Europe)
  • Marriott International (board member)
  • Merck
  • Pfizer (board member)
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company (board member)
  • Sodexo (board member)
  • TD Bank (local member in Canada)
  • UPS (board member)
  • Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's Chamber Training Institute was also recognized as the 2017 Best-of-the-Best Program of the Year.

Criteria required to be named a 2017 Best-of-the-Best corporation includes the completion of a detailed survey of an organization's inclusive programs, which may involve Supplier Diversity initiatives, Employee Resource Groups and workplace engagement opportunities, and diverse marketplace and community engagements. 

Congratulations to all who made this prestigious list!

Read the press release.