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August 2017

Top Story: Global Citizen Corporate Commitments 

WEConnect International recently announced at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany that Intel, IBM and Pfizer have pledged to spend an additional $300 million with women-owned businesses over the next three years. All three corporations are members of WEConnect International and are dedicated to global supplier diversity and inclusion and women's empowerment.

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July 2017

Top Story: International Day 2017 Wrap Up! 

WEConnect International held our 5th annual International Day on June 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 70 corporate executives attended representing 37 of the world's largest corporations who were seeking to do more business with women- owned suppliers. These businesses were able to meet in person with corporations who are committed to supplier development and inclusive sourcing. This opportunity helped both the corporate members and the women-owned businesses grow their networks and engage with others.

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June 2017

Top Story: International Day is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Nearly 200 participants from more than 10 countries are registered for International Day, including women business owners, partners and representatives from member corporations:

BD, L Brands and Walgreens will join, as well!  

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May 2017

Top Story: Still Not Registered for WEConnect International Day 2017?

Nearly 100 participants from 7 countries have already registered, including women business owners, partners and representatives from member corporations:

WECIDay Corporates May5

L Brands will join, as well!  

Register for International Day:

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April 2017

Top Story: Be Like Josée Dufour and Connect with BIG Corporations!

In 2016, Josée Dufour - owner of Axiomatic in Canada - traveled to Orlando to attend WEConnect International Day and the WBENC National Conference & Business Fair. The trip paid off when she met with WBENC member corporation CBRE Group. Says Josée:

"I had previously initiated discussion with CBRE before the conference. However, meeting them in person gave me more inside information on how best to pursue contracts with them and also gave me a better understanding of the way these industries operate. The rep also put me in contact with the local person in Canada. Making the sale rests solely on yourself. Certification gets you in front of the corporations and the support WEConnect International provides helps to guide you through the process of dealing with big corporations. Nonetheless, you are the one who ultimately has to make the difference."

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March 2017


Top Story: WEConnect International Releases New Report

We're celebrating International Women's Daywith the release of our new report, "The Business Case for Global Supplier Diversity and Inclusion: The Critical Contributions  of Women and Other Underutilized Suppliers to Corporate Value Chains." The report provides the world's first comprehensive analysis of the value and the competitive advantages that come with diversifying global value chains and buying from women-owned businesses. I want to thank WEConnect International corporate members Accenture, Hilton Worldwide, IBM, Intel, PG&E and Walmart for their invaluable contributions to report.  

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