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Creditworthiness Training Programs for Women Business Owners

Designed in partnership by WEConnect International and Moody’s Foundation through the Reshape TomorrowTM initiative

We believe the time is now to prepare and empower growth-oriented women business owners to be powerful, positive, and prosperous leaders in the market.

This is why we have brought our experts together to create a free signature curriculum designed specifically for women business owners in the WEConnect International Network that teaches you how to develop your creditworthiness, access capital, and expand upon your critical connections, skills, and knowledge.



  • Practical, relevant, and FREE creditworthiness training and financial education content designed AND taught by industry experts to take every kind of product- or service-based woman-owned business to the next level of success
  • Training programs that help you as the business owner achieve your personal “aha!” moment, taking all the guesswork out of finding the “right” financial partners, accessing capital, and scaling your enterprise
  • An online learning platform coupled with in-person market-specific intensives around the world that help you to strengthen your capabilities and focus your efforts on cultivating a thriving business from wherever you are located
  • FREE and accessible for all women business owners in the WEConnect International network. If you are not currently a part of the network but are excited to join, you can fill out this self-registration form to gain access to the curriculum.


Financing Your Growing Business eLearning Modules

Free step-by-step, online training modules for growth-oriented women business owners in the WEConnect International network.

You’ll learn…

•  the basics of creditworthiness
•  how to determine capital requirements
•  how to prepare your business for capital input

Financing Your Growing Business Boot Camps

In-depth boot camps away from the frenzy of online education that offers in-person, market-specific creditworthiness training and supportive financial insight for women business owners.

You’ll experience…
•  instruction, coaching, and one-on-one guidance direct from industry experts
•  encouragement from your new community of savvy woman-owned small business leaders in the workforce


Our teams are thrilled to come alongside you and hundreds of other passionate, hardworking, and inspiring women around the world as you all take the next big step in each of your entrepreneurial journeys.   It is our greatest desire that we are able to give you everything you need to create a meaningful and prosperous impact for your local community. Through the Reshape TomorrowTM initiative., we hope to train you to develop creditworthiness, access capital, and finance a growing business that might just change the world.


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Registration will soon be open for the Financing Your Growing Business programs!

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