Terms of Reference (TOR):
Research and Outreach Manager for Women’s Economic Empowerment Project in Pakistan


Expected deliverables in response to this TOR:

  • Short cover letter highlighting relevant experience
  • Resume highlighting relevant experience
  • A draft budget of all costs (in USD) associated with the research and outreach efforts

Application deadline: November 5, 2019

WEConnect International is seeking applications from candidates based in India, Bangladesh, or the United States (preferably in Washington, DC) to conduct research and outreach for a women’s economic empowerment project being implemented in Pakistan. WEConnect International does not sponsor employment visas for the United States.


1. Background:

WEConnect International is implementing a project to map the challenges and opportunities for women business owners in Pakistan to sell their goods or services to corporate buyers.

WEConnect International wishes to hire a Research and Outreach Manager who will use desktop research and their personal and professional networks in Pakistan to identify women’s business associations, local entrepreneurship incubators and entrepreneurial organizations, and self-identified Women-Owned Businesses (WOBs) located within Pakistan.

Additionally, the Research and Outreach Manager will be charged with ensuring the completion of a qualitative survey of WOBs that will assess the challenges and opportunities for WOBs to sell their goods and services to corporations. A copy of the survey will be provided by WEConnect International.

The Research and Outreach Manager will report directly to the Project Manager based in the WEConnect International office in Washington, DC.

WEConnect International is a global nonprofit established in 2009 by large corporate buyers to 1) connect corporate buyers with women-owned businesses ready to compete in global value chains; 2) support corporations with developing and growing their global supplier diversity efforts; 3) build the capacity of women-owned businesses to compete; and 4) uphold the global standard and international certification seal verifying that a business is truly women-owned.


2. Key Deliverables:

Expected outputs throughout the duration of the program:

  • Contact women’s associations and other organizations by email and phone to provide an overview of the project and obtain the contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) of WOBs
  • Translate WOB survey provided by WEConnect International to Urdu
  • Identify women business owners who are good candidates to complete the WOB survey, and share the survey with these individuals
  • Manage communication with women business owners by phone and email to ensure that at least 75 WOBs complete the WOB Survey
  • Encourage survey respondents to self-register on the WEConnect International eNetwork (information will be provided by WEConnect International)
  • Assist WOBs that are interested in self-registration to complete their application on the WEConnect International website (assistance to be provided via phone and email)
  • The Research and Outreach Manager will communicate regularly with the Project Manager based in Washington, DC.

Expected outcomes:

  • 75 women business owners successfully complete the WOB Survey
  • 15 associations or other relevant organizations are engaged
  • 40 WOBs self-register on eNetwork (Research and Outreach Manager will be responsible for assisting 20 to self-register)


3. Project timeline: November 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019


4. Required skills and competencies:

  • Existing network of contacts in the women’s entrepreneurship space in Pakistan
  • Experience working on women’s entrepreneurship/women’s economic empowerment projects and programs in Pakistan
  • Full literacy and fluency in English and Urdu – both written and spoken
  • Experience conducting business development/stakeholder outreach over email and phone
  • Good technological/computer literacy
  • Experience in desktop research

5. Desired skills and competencies:

  • Experience working and leading as a woman entrepreneur/business owner
  • Experience with SurveyMonkey web platform
  • Recent experience (within the last 4 years) in the private sector (in supply chain and procurement, sales, marketing/ communications, or business operations)
  • Experience working in gender diversity and CSR/Sustainability initiatives

 6. Remuneration:

  • Research and Outreach Manager will propose her/his fees in USD and the fees must include VAT and Income Tax as per government policy.
  • Please email all documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.