Congratulations to Maggie Berry — WEConnect International Market Lead of the Year 2015

Berry Maggie 2015Maggie is the Executive Director for WEConnect International in Europe and joined the team in December 2012 – she has lead responsibility for the management, leadership and development of WEConnect International in Europe. Her role involves developing corporate and public sector support as well as growing and developing the database and network of registered and certified women business owners across the UK and Europe. Previously, Maggie was the Managing Director of – an online job board, recruitment and networking forum for women working in the technology profession in the UK. She was involved from Women in Technology's inception in the autumn of 2004, managed all aspects of the website and the networking activities Women in Technology organised and she continues to run the Women in Technology Network on an informal basis. In March 2012 Maggie was honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and she is currently serving as a Global Agenda Council Member on Employment for the 2012-2014 term. In July 2011 she was listed as one of 15 UK-based TIAW (the International Alliance for Women) World of Difference Award winners and in July 2010 she was included in Management Today's '35 Under 35' list. She is also a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. In August 2014, Maggie was interviewed by Global Invest Her about entrepreneurship and the future of WEConnect International in Europe. 


ibm logoI would just like to confirm that WEConnect has very much supported my business here in UK.  Maggie and her team has actively introduced IBM to women-owned businesses that we have worked closely with to be suppliers to IBM locally and globally.  The quality of contacts and events is very high; they provide us with a broader range of products and services than we would normally be able to get to in such a short period of time. WEConnect Europe does just that - Connect fast.  It has been a pleasure working with Maggie and her team. I look forward to more joint business success in the future.

Vicki Cooper
Corporate Member


MaidenVoyageWEConnect Europe has been absolutely pivotal in the growth and progression of my organisation.  In particular it was an introduction to IBM which made me stand back and look at the product mix I am offering and turn my business model on its head. Through the process of due diligence that IBM performed on it gave me the confidence and impetus to launch a corporate membership initiative which is perfectly presentable to some of the world's largest organisations, to whom WEConnect International has provided direct introductions.  It would have taken me years to have had some of the conversations WEConnect Europe has since brokered. That is why I continue to recommend WEConnect Europe to every B2B woman owned business I come across.  The team at WEConnect Europe are absolutely brilliant and I really don't know how they manage to do so much to support so many businesses and corporates with such a small team. All true by the way!

Carolyn Pearson
Maiden Voyage
Certified Women’s Business Enterprise


SEaBThe decision SEaB Energy made to invest the time to become a WEConnect certified company, was one of the best decisions in our five years of business! Maggie and her team have introduced us tirelessly to well-selected opportunities with large corporates such as DELL, IBM, and Sodexo. The introductions have allowed us to progress to opportunity identification and presenting to key decision makers very quickly.  We have even had referrals to clients of the original company introduced! Several of the opportunities are global and multi-million pound in value.  In addition, WEConnect made us visible for awards, and we have won the Enterprising Woman of the Year award.

Sandra Sassow
SEaB Energy
Certified Women’s Business Enterprise


Skills4StemI am the CEO & founder of Skills4Stem Ltd. We have been a certified WBE for about a year now.  WEConnect International in Europe, led by Maggie Berry, has helped me and my business in so many ways. Through WEConnect International in Europe, I have been able to interact and forge strong business relationships with other women-owned businesses. For example, we have been liaising with The Sourcing Company for our marketing needs and have had many early stage discussions with an e-Learning provider; Express Training Courses. These interactions were made possible through leadership programme sessions at RBS as well as other events organised by Maggie.

One of these events that is particularly memorable is the Intel Supply Connections Event that was held in November last year. This event opened our eyes to some of the wearable new technology and as a result of the valuable learnings we obtained that day, we are now working on a feasibility study to integrate wearable technology into the Construction industry partnering with Costain, a FTSE 100 construction company.  Maggie has also facilitated conversations for us with Intel outside of the event.

The events that Maggie organises are so different from those I am accustomed to. Maggie’s WEConnect events are innovative, relevant and related to growth and change, unlike many of the other organisations we belong to. Skills4Stem is innovating in the Construction industry pairing skills analysis and technology and Maggie’s WEConnect cross sector events are inspirational, informative and challenging helping us understand how we can learn from other businesses and sectors to improve our business model and product range(s).

Maggie was the reason I joined WEConnect International and her drive and passion has made this organisation very valuable to us.  Maggie has opened so many doors for us; she is always ready to help when we need it, and is a great ambassador for what she is trying to achieve in terms of promoting women-owned businesses. She and WEConnect International in Europe have given us value that is way beyond money. We are confident that through a continued joint effort, we will also win some revenue generating business from corporate members – something we will look forward to!

Sarah Davis
Skills4Stem Ltd.
Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Lise Déziel, Cordé Électrique

Quebec, Canada

Lise Déziel was named a WEConnect International in Canada WBE of the Year on Nov. 13, 2015!

PRIX2015 573 DezielLise RECMme Déziel had been in the field of electrical wiring for 20 years before creating her own enterprise in 2010. Cordé Électrique has grown from 4 employees in 2010, to 45 employees in 2014.

In June 2015, Mme Déziel was invited by the Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec and WEConnect International in Canada to attend the largest American  supplier diversity conference for women business owners in Austin, Texas. She hesitated but decided to join in at the last minute.  In just a few days at the conference, through the introductions made by WEConnect International,  a non-profit that connects women entrepreneurs to market opportunities in global chains. Ms. Déziel met with GM, FCA, Toyota, and others.  These multinational corporations encouraged her to seek the certification from WEConnect International in Canada which certifies and trains women owned businesses to do business with large corporations which have supplier diversity and inclusion programs. 

Following that trip and the certification, GM invited her to attend their own diversity trade show. She was also invited to attend Great Lakes diversity show. This visibility has created many opportunities to make new contacts. 

Usually in this type of industry, contract takes 1-2 years to come to fruition. But since the certification, the life of her enterprise has changed in a good way, and partnership and contract negotiation have been accelerated, and she talking about possible opening of the American market. She is very optimistic about closing significant new contracts in the future based on her certification and working with corporations who promote supplier diversity and inclusion for women owned businesses.


Majda Ficko | Owner and President
Winnipeg | Manitoba | Canada

Majda Ficko was named a WEConnect International in Canada WBE of the Year on Nov. 13, 2015!

BabyButzDid you know diaper rash is actually a chemical burn that can lead to infection? Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb chemicals from your personal care products? Did you know that some of the shampoos and creams for babies on the market today contain chemicals like formaldehyde?

WEConnect International certified woman business owner, award-winning entrepreneur, and mother Majda Ficko knows all to well and has created an all-natural diaper cream that works – Baby Butz

Majda gave birth to her son, Demitri, nearly 18 years ago. He was born prematurely and was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange. Against all odds, he is alive today. However, he must use a feeding tube for nourishment and forever be in diapers. 

Demitri has been prone to diaper rash his entire life. For several years, Majda tried numerous over-the-counter creams, but none seemed to work. She decided to work with a chemist to create exactly what she needed. She started doing research, approaching doctors, “Tell me what I need.” In the end, Majda and the chemist created an all-natural, safe, alcohol-free, and perfume-free product that really works.

“I didn’t make the product to sell,” says Majda. “I made it for Demitri. I remember how relieved I was, knowing he could sleep through the night, rash and pain free.”

In fact Majda had no plans to manufacture and sell her diaper cream, but Demitri’s doctors kept encouraging her to share the formulation so it could help other babies and children. Majda was convinced, and Baby Butz was born. 

Ficko 500px

Baby Butz has received the gold standard NPN license from Health Canada as a certified natural product, and it has been well received by customers from Manitoba to Hollywood, from Chicago to China. Majda started small by selling the cream in pharmacies. She would leverage one deal into another. Today, Baby Butz is in large retail stores and online.  

Along the way, Majda had joined Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, who in turn encouraged her to apply for a WEConnect International certification. Eager to get her product into international markets, Majda went for it. Once certified, she was able to attend a trade show in Chicago and grab the attention of Walgreens and WEConnect International Corporate Member Walmart.

“The WEConnect International logo catches the eyes of big players. Buyers want to know if you are a diversity supplier, and they want to see that you are certified.”

Majda is excited for the future of her company with plans to expand her product line. Supraderm a barrier and healing cream for adult rashes will be hitting the market soon, and she also recently got licensed her for all-natural sunscreen. Did you know some of the chemicals in sun blocks on store shelves today actually cause sunburns? Keep an eye out for Sunblocz and SunBlocz Baby by Olen Cosmetics.

Baby Butz: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Olen Cosmetics | Supraderm


SallyBW cropped smSally Ormond | Managing Director
Suffolk | UK

I first became aware of WEConnect International through a certified member I met at a local networking event. She was aware of my business and said that she thought it would be a good fit as my skills were not only suitable to the corporate market, but also fellow WEConnect International women business owners. After looking into the organization I was impressed by the range of events and activities it offered and the number of corporate members.

I soon decided that the only way forward was to become a fully certified member (a painless process), initially deciding to try it out for a 3-year period. Anything like this takes a while to show results, but I am now into my fourth year and have worked with a few WEConnect International women business owners and a couple of corporate contacts.

I started Briar Copywriting back on 2007. I work with companies of all sizes around the world to help them communicate more effectively through the written word, both for external and internal communications. Working in partnership with my clients, I get to know them, their business and their customers and create content that fits their brand, achieves their aims and that creates a cohesive image.

Since becoming part of WEConnect International I have been working with Cisco (award entries and on-going basis on internal communication projects), My Social Intelligence (copyediting work), GIBBS S3 (brochure and website content), RBS (helping Marcella Navarro with an interview document) and The Sourcing Team (mobile web content).

I came into contact with Nikki Walker of Cisco at the first conference I attended and Shelley Rostlund of My Social Intelligence at the 2014 conference.  Although I had met both Gill (The Souring Team) and Farida (GIBBS S3) at conferences, it was Maggie Berry who made the initial introduction when they were looking for copywriting help. 

As a writer, the main differentiating factor in winning these business contracts was me; the way I work, the way I connect with my clients, the transparency of my work and the way I will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals. The ability to focus on your customers’ needs, empathize with them and show them how you are going to make their lives better is paramount if your marketing communications are to be powerful enough to get you noticed.

The introductions from Maggie, as a trusted partner member of WEConnect International’s team, were the first step in making these connections, and working with WEConnect International businesses and corporate members certainly helps exposure to other potential clients. Today, with a raised profile I am working with more large corporates who understand that although I work alone, that gives them the continuity and personal service they want. 

WEConnect International has helped me on a business level and a personal one, too. Not the greatest networker in the world (that’s the introverted writer in me), the conferences and events I have attended have given me the confidence to believe that I can work with the big boys and add value to WEConnect International business owners and members. | |

Florez JimenaJimena Florez | CEO & Co-Foudner
Bogota | Colombia

In May 2015, 29-year-old female entrepreneur Jimena Florez traveled from Colombia to Washington, DC, as part of the U.S. Department of State’s Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Americas program. Little did she know President Obama would publically recognize her work as a social entrepreneur and applaud her efforts to promote healthy living.

It is difficult to believe that it was only four years ago that Jimena founded Crispy Fruits, offering a line of freeze-dried fruit snacks using produce from local farmers. Until recently, customers could only find Jimena’s exotic, fitness, and power mixes in specialty shops and select cafeterias.  However, with the support of WEConnect International, her customer base has expanded into new territory.

One of the very first female entrepreneurs to earn certification in Colombia, Jimena attended this year’s inaugural WEConnect International Latin American Regional Forum. There she met a representative from a major hotel chain, and now she has a contract that will put Crispy Fruits in Bogota hotel rooms.

Jimena is encouraged by her early success and is already developing new products. She and her team are working with local cacao farmers to make baked goods that will not only provide more protein and iron, but will also burn calories. While she strengthens her customer base in Colombia, she also has plans to expand to the U.S. and Australian markets.

didcologoA Testimonial

March 3, 2015

Today, as my company DIDCO turns 17, I wish to share with WEConnect International a story that makes me happy and proud.

Some years ago, when I was a marketing manager at GNP, I was informed that the project I was working on would be cancelled, leaving me with two options:

1.  Relocate into another business unit, or
2.  Accept a severance payment, which would mean the end of my dream of reaching the corporate marketing direction.

I returned to my office and my phone was ringing.  It was the marketing manager of the other GNP business line. She asked me to recommend her a supplier for a corporate image implementation project for a new group insurance company. I immediately answered: “I can do it!” An hour later I was meeting with my first client. That was March 3, 1998.

Throughout these 17 years I’ve faced some failures, but mostly significant accomplishments and successes. Among my 320 customers I’ve had the fortune of meeting WEConnect International, which has given me the enormous opportunity to grow my business and also to meet great friends.

Precisely today, on our 17th anniversary, I received a great gift that I want to share with you: my first contract with a corporation fully committed with WEConnect International: The JW Marriott Hotel, through Belen Alonso.



Lilia Avendaño Montelongo,
Executive Director

WEConnect International Certified Women Business Enterprises Make Enterprising Women Magazine’s Class of 2015

ewmagIn January 2015, Enterprising Women Magazine announced its class of 2015 – its prestigious awards program that recognizes top women entrepreneurs around the world. This year, seven entrepreneurs certified by WEConnect International made the list:

 Sue Bennett, Bennett Design Associates, Inc., Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
 Maria Teresa Cepeda Casasus, Imaging Supplies de Mexico SA, Mexico City, Mexico
 Julia Fournier, HCMWorks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
 Mandy Gilbert, Creative Niche Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Gabriela Leon Gutierrez, Gresmex, Naucalpan City, Mexico
 Barbara Issett, IQ Business Events, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
 Sandra Sassow, SEaB Energy Limited, Southhampton, United Kingdom
•  Vandana Mehrotra, Meteonic Innovation Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, India (honorobale mention)

Additionally, Executive Director of WEConnect International in the Caribbean Yaneek Page will be awarded for her success in building her business Future Services International in Kingston, Jamaica.

The award honorees’ businesses have widely varying revenues and provide suppliers with a number of products and services, including biotechnology, human resources, manufacturing, and waste management. They will be recognized at the 13th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards & Conference, March 29-31, 2015 at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA.

Learn more about WEConnect International in Canada, Mexico, and Europe to see how WEConnect International can help you grow your women-owned business through certification

WEConnect International is no longer affiliated with the organization formerly operating as WEConnect Canada, now WBE Canada.

LorenaGarciniCropperLorena Garcini, CEO and Co-Owner
Mexico City | Mexico

En Español

Mamma Bella, founded in 1995 and led by Lorena Garcini, offers restaurant, employee cafeteria, and catering services, servicing 35 thousand guests monthly. In 2013, Garcini sought certification as a women’s business enterprise because she thought it would bring new business, unique networking opportunities, and support her company’s growth.

She was right!

As a result of their certification, Mamma Bella is now providing employee cafeteria services at two IBM facilities and corporate catering for Accenture. It has also organized some corporate events for Manpower, and have started working with Eurest and Pfizer.  This has translated in a net monthly increase in revenue of $30,000 USD (6%).  Mamma Bella has also hired additional personnel and equipment, and have achieved a significant improvement in brand recognition due to the caliber of their customers. 

“I had previous experience with women organizations and I have been pleasantly surprised with all that I’ve received from WEConnect International,” says Garcini. “I’ve been invited to very important events where I’ve had the opportunity to connect with global corporate buyers. They have helped me grow my product offer, and I’ve received very meaningful mentoring.”


Garcini has ambitious plans for the future as well. She aims to connect with more WEConnect International corporate members and expand the products and services Mamma Bella offers.

“We are looking into expanding our cafeteria line within corporations and our restaurant locations in Mexico City. We are also looking into creating bakery and dressing lines for large retail chains, such as Walmart. I hope our case helps motivate other fellow businesswomen. Faith, work and effort can, in fact, help us reach our dreams!” she adds.

According to Garcini, Mamma Bella stands out with “the quality of our products, the care we take in selecting the ingredients and preparing them, paired with a personalized and timely service aimed to satisfy each customer’s needs at a fair price.”

ChristyCookChristy Cook, CEO and Founder
+1 416 488 7076 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Toronto | Canada

Just months after being certified as a women's business enterprise through WEConnect International, CEO and Founder of Teach My Toddler Inc. Christy Cook can expect to see Walmart put her educational learning toys in 2,000 U.S. stores in spring 2015. The Toronto businesswoman's products will be among the very first to be sold with the new "Women Owned" logo developed by WEConnect International and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council with support from Walmart.

"For us, landing in Walmart U.S.A. is a huge accomplishment," said Cook, "and WEConnect International's certification process was critical to accessing this opportunity."

WEConnect International has been operating in Canada for nearly five years and has certified over 150 companies. Its groundbreaking Seal of Certification Process, recognized by major regional and global corporations such as Walmart, assesses companies' compliance with the universal standards for a women's business enterprise.

"Teach My Toddler Inc. is one of our newest certified businesses in the country, and we are thrilled to see Cook already participating in Walmart's supplier diversity program," said Astrid Pregel, Executive Director of WEConnect International in Canada.

Cook is a Toronto native who founded Teach My Toddler Inc. in 2007. Teach My provides parents, grandparents and caregivers with all-in-one learning kits and sets for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Requiring no screens, Teach My kits have everything necessary to teach little ones the basics. From ABC to 123 and everything in between, award-winning Teach My kits give children a head start, encourage one-on-one interaction and create a love for learning.

On September 30, 2014 at a ceremony in Montreal, Teach My was named WEConnect International in Canada's Women's Business Enterprise of the Year.

WEConnect International is no longer affiliated with the organization formerly operating as WEConnect Canada, now WBE Canada.

Read more about Cook in The Financial Post.

Grupo Kuri S.A., Tortillas La Malinche
La Malinche | Jardines de Cascajal | Paso Ancho | San Jose, San Jose | Costa Rica

tortillasGrupo Kuri is a company, based in San José, Costa Rica, that produces flour tortillas.

The company became fimilar with WEConnect International at a welcome breakfast organized by Antonina Sequeira and Carolina Giraldo to meet women-owned businesses in Costa Rica. Two weeks after meeting with WEConnect International representatives, the company became certified.

Certification Leads to Contracts!

Grupo Kuri hopes to sell its unique products both nationally and internationally thanks to WEConnect International and the IDB in providing the opportunity to participate in LacFlavors in Granada, Nicaragua.

Grupo Kuri values the business training, networking and marketing opportunities as well as the assistance offered by WEConnect representatives in the Costa Rican office.

As a result of becoming certified, Grupo Kuri is now doing business with Johana Morris de Morrjonssa (Tropics Nature). The company has expanded, and expects to continue to grow, as it innovates and brings new products to the market, such as canastas horneadas tostadas, tortillas horneadas, and other gourmet snacks. As a small family business, access to the large WEConnect International network  has been a big advantage. Grupo Kuri looks foward to continue to innovate its products and expand to new markets.